Useful Information

Good environmental practices

When visiting areas with little human intervention, note that:

– Noise is a big factor of disturbance for wildlife, especially in breeding, nesting or shelter áreas.

– The approximation may frighten many living beings, upsetting its balance; observing wildlife with binoculars or other optical equipment will help reduce this disturbance. We have a pair of binoculars, but you can bring your own, if you want.

– Human foods, in general, are not suitable to wildlife; feed these animals can seriously harm their well-being, and reduce their natural aptitude for foraging as well as lower their defense instinct.

– So that ecosystems remain in balance, all their components must remain as and where they are found; only in this way ecosystems evolve positively and survive.

– The marked trails ensure minimizing pressure on ecosystems and in addition, your safety as a visitor.

– The territories’ beauty lies in what the local ecosystems produce – they are self-sufficient – let’s leave our stuff in our houses.

Spaces thank your visit – Come again!


What should not be forgotten before the start of your trip

1. First of all, your flight ticket, if you are travelling by plain.

2. Clothing and comfortable shoes for walking routes (ask us about walking routes specifications and difficulty). We will provide a small waterproof, just in case weather conditions surprise us…

3. Since some of the places are on the coast and some lodging sites have a pool, it will be a good idea to have a swimming suit. You don’t have to worry with beach towel because we will provide you one.

4. Sun block and hat or cap.

5. There will always be fresh water (bottled) in the van. In case you prefer tap water (more minerals rich) and want to use your own water container, we can put it on the refrigerator as long it does not exceed and be similar to a 1,5l water bottle.