What people say about us

  • A great opportunity to visit the TRUE Portugal with an expert in Ecotourism!
    Manuela A., Portugal
  • An opportunity to see the country in a different way from the usual!
    Vitor S., Portugal
  • I often think back at the time I visited Portugal! I was very thankful that I did it with you. I had a great time there.
    Sabine K., Germany
  • In my experience this is a good option for visitors with visual impairment. Friendliness, availability and professionalism. I recommend!
    Luís M., Portugal
  • Next year we want to visit the northern part of Portugal with your advice and help.
    Siegfried H., Alemanha
  • Happiness is only real when shared. Day with no limits, I would say. Congratulations for the work.
    Jéssica, Brasil
  • This is democracy of knowledge! Thanks for helping us to break another barrier.
    Luís M., ACAPO (Association of Blind and Amblyopic of Portugal, Coimbra),
  • I loved it! It was a very well spent time and I learned a lot.
    Dina S., Pombal
  • I loved to know Choupal and be a part of your ecosystem. A big thank you for the ride and for all the attention.
    Fátima S., Alhadas' Scouts Grouping, Portugal
  • Fantastic impressions of sensitivity, knowledge, feelings. Thanks for sharing. See you soon.
    Cristina T., Coimbra
  • I liked the diversity of looks.
    Vitor R., Coimbra
  • It is grateful to find that there are still those who see the depth of the beautiful and simple things! This "reading" makes us understand that our society still includes genuine people, deep and, after all, so simple and beautiful! Congratulations!
    Maria M., Coimbra
  • Your curiosity and enthusiasm discovering beyond, the knowledge and the questioning that helps sustain a world of relationships that are established between the route already done and the routes to discover, are those that help to conquer barriers that otherwise are hard to overcome!
    Vitor C., Portugal
  • An unusually innovative approach and treatment capacity of the observable and a great willingness and ability to share with the public.
    Óscar M., Portugal
  • A unique and unforgetable experience. Attention, availability and rigor guided this visit, which, in our case, required adaptations to visual impairment. To repeat.
    Mickael L., Coimbra
  • An absolutely fantastic trip. A paradisiacal place, an excellent guide that involves us with her knowledge and passion for what she does. It will certainly be an experience to repeat soon.
    Conceição C., Coimbra
  • Very relevant experience for any audience; excellent role of the advisor; good historical learning and contact with nature.
    Duarte F., Coimbra
  • EXCELLENT choice for visitors with visual impairment and sighted people. Strict care of planning, implementation and evaluation of the proposed activities and unparalleled professionalism and knowledge.
    I strongly recommend.
    Bronn, Coimbra
  • A real experience where you can see and feel the importance of heritage preservation. Good time balance and a very friendly, communicative guide with solid knowledge on the topic. Highlights: interaction with marnotos, tasting of plants and salt flower and flamingos.
    Nuno T., Alemanha