Terms & Conditions


Responsibility – guest travelers should be responsible and take note of all policies here stated, that are implicitly consented with the full or partial payment of any deposit for the reservation of a tour or activity.

Wherever Nature is the responsible for this site and for all the services offered. Services details are provided in the Tours section.

Wherever Nature is the owner of all the images taken by their representatives during the tours. Wherever Nature assumes that no guest refuses to be photographed / filmed, unless it is thereof notified in writing.

Wherever Nature or any of its collaborators assumes no responsibility for any delay, loss or damage that may occurr in previous periods of time at the start of tours and/or activities or resulting from the negligence of any direct or indirect provider, including transport, accommodation, catering and other services.

Wherever Nature cannot be responsible for injuries, losses, delays or damages during its service provision due to factors out of our control, major force or for any supplier or agent at our service.

Wherever Nature assures a personal accident insurance for all tours/activities and provides all the security instructions the guests should respect. Guests should use the security/support equipment whenever required, which is supplied in perfect conditions of use by the agents working for us (as in equestrian activities or others in which such equipment is indicated). Guests should report to Wherever Nature any anomalous situation they may detect in the course of any activity or guided visit.

Wherever Nature only outsources suppliers/agents duly licensed for the services/goods they sell, in order to provide you the best experience, full of tranquility.

In case of extreme necessity Wherever Nature reserves the right to slightly change itinerary, accommodation, restaurants or any service disclosed for similar services.

Wherever Nature reserves the right to accept or refuse any guest as a member of a tour/activity. If the behavior of any tour/activity member is incorrect, aggressive or annoying to other members, Wherever Nature reserves the right to cancel the participation of the first, being returned just the value of the services/products not consumed, except for those pre-booked and pre-paid to the respective providers, as accommodation, activities, visits or others.

Wherever Nature prices are based in Euros. Currency outside the Euro zone will be converted according to the exchange rate at the time of the payments made by the client.

We accept payment by electronic bank transfer (Money Order or Wire Transfer) or PayPal providing the IBAN/PayPal account number when guests express the willingness to book. The reservation is considered made after the confirmation of the first payment, and the respective voucher and receipt will be send to the guests. Final payment is due 65 days before the tour/activity date. In tours/activities up to 50€ per person, full payment must be made when booking. In case of any questions regarding payment, please contact us.

To book a tour/activity we require a 20% deposit per guest. In the case the activity needs accommodation (more than 1 day activity) and the guests decide for single room, adds to the deposit the total value of the single occupancy supplement. The remaining value of the tour/activity is due 65 days before its starting date. If final payment is not made, Wherever Nature reserves the right to consider the reservation canceled. If the reservation is done within the 65 days prior to the tour/activity starting date, the remaining value must be payed up to 1 week term. For self-made tours/activities, Wherever Nature requests the payment of 50 € per person to prepare the tour/activity budget, a value cashing in the reservation deposit, if booking is made. For loyal customers, the budget preparation is free of charge. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Wherever Nature reserves the right to exceptionally cancel any tour/activity for any reason, including the absence of the minimum number of participants. In the very unlikely need to be forced to cancel some tour/activity, the payments done to Wherever Nature will be completely refundable, but not any other expenses, including non-refundable airline tickets, so we recommend that you hire trip cancellation insurance.



As soon as you express to us the willingness to book we will send you the Booking Form. Booking deposit must be accompanied by this Booking Form resubmission, properly signed, with a minimum of 65 days. The payment receipt serves as reservation confirmation, and we will sent you your voucher after the reception of the former probative. In case of availability, we can accept late bookings, which payment must be made in full up to 1 week term.

Wherever Nature prices include meals according to visits/activities details. When meals take place in restaurants, the service will be à la carte, with a maximum pre-defined value for each restaurant. This price includes a predefined starter, soup, main dish of meat, fish or vegetarian (if vegetarian, by request), with wine, water or juice, dessert and coffee. If wanted, guests can choose different types of wine and drinks, as well as different dishes, at their own expenses.



In the need of any guest to cancel tours/activities reservations, this must be made by e-mail with requested confirmation. Refundable values will be calculated in a day base from the day we receive this cancelation request, as following, per person:

  • Up to 90 days before the tour/activity date:
    • Pre-defined tours – total amount of deposit minus 50€.
    • Sefl-made tours – total amount of deposit minus 50€ and minus the budget preparation price.
  • Up to 89-65 days before the tour/activity date:
    • Pre-defined tours – deposit is no longer refundable; we will offer you the possibility to change the tour/activity date with a cost of 50€ for administrative expenses; the due date to pay the remaining value will be redefined according to the new date.
    • Self-made tours – as with the pre-defined tours, minus the budget preparation value.
  • Up to 64-31 days before the tour/activity date:
    • Pre-defined tours – deposit is no longer refundable; if full payment is already been made, there will be a 50% refund over the remaining value.
    • Self-made tours – as with the pre-defined tours, minus the budget preparation value.
  • Less than 31 days before the tour/activity date:
    • Pre-defined tours – we cannot do any refund but we can transfer 30% of the payment already made for another date within a maximum period of one year.
    • Self-made tours – as with pre-defined tours, but will require new budget preparation with a 40% discount over the budget preparation price.
  • From the beginning of the tour date – if you have the need to leave the tour/activity before the scheduled date or the need to arrive after its beginning for any reason you cannot control, please let us know. We cannot do any refund, but we can evaluate the possibility to reimburse the eventual services/products only paid at time of service such as some meals and visits or similar with no pre-booking nor prepayment to its respective supplier.
  • For tours/activities up to 50€ per person, and complementarily whose reservation was not subject to 65 days in advance, please contact us.



Alternative Resolution of Consumer Conflicts                                                                                                                                  (Portuguese Law nº 144/2015, September 8th – Lei nº 144/2015, de 8 de setembro)

In the event of litigation the consumer may appeal to the Coimbra District Arbitration Centre for Consumer Conflicts (Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Distrito de Coimbra), Site, located in Av. Fernão de Magalhães, nº 240-1º, 3000-172 Coimbra, Portugal.                                                                                                                                                                                         Email: geral@centrodearbitragemdecoimbra.com                                                                                                                                        Telephone: 00351 239 821 690