What We Do

We provide touristic experiences in Portugal, with a coup d’oeil to Spain, taking you wherever nature can be found to see, hear and feel the history and the stories each place has to tell you. Sebastião da Gama once wrote that through the dream we go, moved and speechless, and it doesn’t matter whether we arrive or do not arrive, because we leave, we go, we are. Ecotourism Portugal goes with you into the discovery of what we are, showing the most genuine things in Portugal, in a true dialogue in which you will definitely be one of the actors.

Algar Seco (Algarve)

Our Mission

We aim to provide you with visits to real territories where you can interact with real and genuine people in unique and complete experiences that allow you to create a sense of place and significantly contribute to local communities, in a quiet and relaxed journey in which you will certainly feel the atmosphere in places where even time runs slower…

Foot treading grapes at Régua

Our Vision

As Ecotourism is not a brand but a choice on how to do tourism, our goal is to create a touristic product with strong positive social and environmental impact on the visited territories, which you can quietly enjoy while we leave at the places we visit our contribute to the achievement of sustainable environmental and social changes. And because we believe that tourism is for everyone, we give special attention to creating products that can be enjoyed by everyone, whatever your needs may be. 

Fontes de Estômbar Park (Algarve)

Who we are

  • Elisabete Mesquita

    Elisabete Mesquita

    Seeing with fingertips and hands-on as the set of rules, plus specializations in Ecotourism and Human Evolution give body to a passion for Portugal's history stories, flavors and scents and the design and guidance of Wherever Nature Tours. A staunch defender that heritage belongs to the territories and their inhabitants, whoever they may be, and that tourism is of all and for all.
  • Todd Comen

    Todd Comen

    Founder of Bonafide Tours and Expeditions organizing and leading tours intentionally tailored to meet the learning and lifestyle aspirations of the guests. With a PhD in Food Systems and Landscape Ecology and a passion for living the rural life, designs a keen sense of the authentic into every Bonafide Tour and Expedition, in country and abroad.
  • And the

    And the "dogs"

    Companions in morning walks and rest periods between tours, they stay temporarily while preparing for their future guide-dog mission. This is Hadock – who will be next?
Fungus at Beira Litoral